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Wireless-Gas-Detectors-for-oil-rigs servegas doaha qatar

Pioneering an innovation in safety enhancement for both Onshore and Offshore Rig projects through cutting-edge wireless gas-detection technology. Our revolutionary collection of innovative, wireless, and perilous flammable gas detectors brings…

Safety-and-Gas-System-preparation-in-Land-Rigs servegas doaha qatar

The land oil rigging industry is truly remarkable, showcasing impressive technological advancements. Various rigs, these structures operate in some of the toughest environments, facing challenges like extreme depths and limited…

Maintenance-and-recertification-of-SCBA servegas doaha qatar

Staying safe during firefighting is crucial, and that’s where SCBA equipment comes into play. SCBA stands for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, and it’s like a superhero’s mask that firefighters wear to…

Hydrotest-of-cylinders servegas doaha qatar

Cylinder hydrotesting, also known as the hydrostatic stretch test, is a process used to test the strength and integrity of gas cylinders. It involves filling the cylinders with water and…

Calibration-of-Fixed-and-Portable-Gas-Detectors-servegas doaha qatar

Calibration of fixed and portable gas detectors is a vital process that ensures the accuracy and reliability of these safety devices in detecting hazardous gases in the air. Calibration involves…

Calibration-of-Alcotest servegas doaha qatar

Calibration is like giving a test to check if a measurement device, like a alcometer, is telling the truth. To do this, we blow a known amount of gas into…

Fire-and-Gas-system-installation-and-services servegas doaha qatar

Fire and Gas Services At ServeGas, we understand the critical role that fire, and gas systems play in oil & gas industries. We provide services such as installation, commissioning, site…

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