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At the core of an electrical substation lies the transformer – a valuable and vital asset, also the costliest. To preserve its top-tier performance and extend its operational life, adopting a range of preventive maintenance practices becomes imperative.

Within this realm, a transformer demands a series of routine upkeep actions. These involve measuring and testing diverse parameters to ensure its optimal functioning. The maintenance landscape is divided into two main categories: one is executed periodically as part of proactive maintenance, while the other is performed as needed, addressing issues on an ad-hoc basis.

ServeGas provides the best service to maintain the health of the transformers so that there is no operational downtime in Doha and Qatar.

Monthly Transformer Maintenance Guidelines

Let’s begin by discussing the essential monthly tasks for maintaining a transformer:

  1. Silica Gel Breather and Oil Cap:
    • Regularly examine the oil level in the oil cap beneath the silica gel breather.
    • If the oil level falls below the specified mark, replenish it to the recommended level.
  2. Silica Gel Breather Holes:
    • Monthly, inspect the breathing holes in the silica gel breather.
    • Clean them thoroughly if necessary to ensure proper breathing action.
  3. Oil-Filled Bushings:
    • For transformers equipped with oil-filled bushings, visually inspect the oil level through the oil gauge attached to the bushings.
    • This examination should be conducted monthly.
  4. Oil Filling for Bushings:
    • If needed, add oil to the bushings to maintain the correct level.
    • Ensure that oil filling is carried out during shutdown conditions for safety.

By following these simple monthly maintenance steps, you can ensure the smooth functioning of your transformer and keep it in optimal condition.

Why should be do regular check up and maintenance of instrument transformers.

Precision and Dependability:

Instrument transformers are the key in gauging and relaying electrical metrics. Consistent maintenance guarantees their accuracy, essential for trustworthy monitoring and control of the electrical setup.

Integrity of Data:

Accurate measurements by instrument transformers are fundamental for informed decision-making about the electrical system’s functioning. Regular upkeep prevents discrepancies that could lead to erroneous data interpretation.

System Security:

Defective instrument transformers can yield faulty readings, potentially leading to misjudgements about system conditions. Scheduled maintenance mitigates the risk of mis-operation and adds to the overall system safety.

Peak Performance:

Routine upkeep maintains instrument transformers at their prime operational state. This fine-tuning maximizes their efficiency and stretches their lifespan, ensuring they perform optimally over the long haul.

Preventive Measures:

Maintenance routines often entail spotting potential issues before they escalate. Regular checks and assessments aid in identifying early signs of wear, insulation deterioration, or other concerns, enabling prompt remedies and averting major breakdowns.

Financial Prudence:

Addressing minor glitches through regular maintenance usually comes at a lower cost than tackling substantial failures that could lead to downtimes, extensive repairs, or even the need for replacement equipment.

 Regulatory Adherence and Audits:

Numerous industries uphold regulations and benchmarks mandating the regular upkeep of instrument transformers. Compliance with these protocols is pivotal both from a legal standpoint and for ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Minimized Downtime:

Unplanned downtimes due to malfunctioning instrument transformers can disrupt operations and result in financial setbacks. Routine maintenance curbs the likelihood of such unanticipated breakdowns.

 Long-Term Investment Safeguarding:

Instrument transformers involve substantial investment. Consistent maintenance acts as a shield for this investment by safeguarding their extended operational life and forestalling premature replacements.

Assured Peace of Mind:

Knowing that instrument transformers undergo regular upkeep offers a reassuring peace of mind. It instils confidence in the accurate functioning of the electrical system and the overall safety of the facility.

ServeGas provides Instrument transformers testing including resistance testing, winding resistance testing, turns ratio testing, and polarity testing are done by our in-house engineers who are experienced in the relevant field. And we also provide a variety of maintenance services such as cleaning and drying of transformer components, replacement of damaged parts, and oil filtration & purification in Doha & major areas of Qatar.

Together let us empower your industrial progress through our solutions and services

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