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About Us

about us

Engineering Excellence for Qatar's Energy and Process Industry: Discover Serve Gas' Range of Strategies and Solutions

ServeGas, an ICV and ISO-certified organization headquartered in Doha, Qatar, stands as a beacon of excellence. Renowned for our comprehensive turnkey strategies within the energy and process industry, we have consistently delivered solutions with unwavering honour and immense pride throughout Qatar.

At the core of our success lies a team of accomplished engineers, proficient consultants, and seasoned strategists who collaborate harmoniously to provide a versatile range of services tailored to the oil and gas, marine, and civil defense sectors. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of valuable products and services, including but not limited to industrial safety assessments, meticulous risk analyses, precise engineering drawings, and the orchestration of strategic plans characterized by the utmost precision and excellence.

What Drives Us

Connecting ideas and powerful outcomes. Our clients, partners, big ideas, execution, projects and its immense potential. We think the driving factor is just endless.

Transforming the Future with Engineering Excellence: Our Vision for Energy and Process Industries

Technical Expertise

Powerful Solutions

Business Transformation

Exceeding Expectations: Our Mission to Provide Exceptional Service in Energy and Process Industries

Serve Gas committed to provide world class solutions and services that drive success for all our clients, partners and their respective ecosystems. To be a brand serving icon of excellence, and ethics in the field of engineering safety.

Together let us empower your industrial progress through our solutions and services

ServeGas Solutions Trading,
GWC Al Wukair Logistics Park,
B3-A6-05, Zone 91, Street: 2100

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