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Determining fluid levels in tanks is a prevalent need across various industrial processes. Efficient fluid control hinges on accurately gauging the stored liquid volume within a tank. This knowledge serves as the bedrock for inventory tracking and pump regulation. ServeGas stresses the importance of utilization of high line differential pressure transmitters to ascertain the liquid level within a tank.

Our fluid level measurement solutions offer two distinct options: smart storage tanks and level transmitters. In the case of storage tanks, an additional flowmeter facilitates precise batching from a drum into the tank. Meanwhile, level transmitters are equipped with three pump control relays that enable automatic shutdown to prevent spillage. Data output alternatives encompass a compact mounted display, integration with a PLC or DCS through RS485/Modbus, or remote monitoring via FlowLog Cloud Services. ServeGas provides an excellent service to measure your tank in the most efficient way for your industry in Qatar.

Benefits of Tank Level Measurement.

Fluid level controls, also known as tank level measurement indicators, offer a multitude of advantages, which include:

Energy conservation

In an era where energy conservation is paramount, fluid level controllers shine as power-saving heroes. These controllers curtail both electricity consumption and wastage associated with conventional fluid level regulation methods. With their automatic operation, electricity usage is minimized, and the need for excessive water for regulation is reduced.


Beyond energy, these controllers are also money-savers. By efficiently managing electricity usage, they prevent unnecessary consumption. The accrued savings over time are substantial and tangible.

Automated operation

One of the most significant perks of these devices is their self-regulation capability. Replacing manual oversight with timer switches, these controllers significantly diminish the manual monitoring burden. Levels are consistently maintained at optimal levels thanks to their automated functionality.

Dependable design

Modern iterations of fluid level controllers feature solid-state electronics that rectify durability issues inherent in earlier designs. Notably, these electronics enhance the unit’s longevity through advanced modular design. The only moving parts are the relays, which can be effortlessly replaced and tested by skilled operators or electricians at minimal cost.

Improved control to counter fouling & deterioration.

These controllers prove more cost-effective over time than the original float-based designs, such as those found in toilet tanks. Solid-state electronics minimize voltage usage to below 1 volt, reducing mineral fouling, plating, rusting, and probe deterioration. This results in enhanced safety, efficiency, and longevity, leading to remarkable savings in both money and energy.

Effortless installation with LED monitoring

The integrated solid-state electronics provide superior performance, seamless installation, and long-term cost-effectiveness when compared to the lifespan of the initial design. Easily connecting to building automation systems, the integrated firmware and digital dry-contact circuitry ensure continuous monitoring. LED lights associated with each function and relay allow operators to visually confirm proper operations with ease.

Our tank level measurement boosts energy efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced operational reliability across diverse applications.

Tank level measurement services from ServeGas are crucial for sectors in Doha and Industries in Qatar that rely on precise readings to manage inventory, eliminate waste, and assure safety. We provide reliable, accurate, and cost-effective methods to detect the level in oil tanks which is necessary to control the amount of oil in the tank and to prevent overflow.

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