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Pioneering an innovation in safety enhancement for both Onshore and Offshore Rig projects through cutting-edge wireless gas-detection technology. Our revolutionary collection of innovative, wireless, and perilous flammable gas detectors brings forth an unparalleled safety solution that establishes a robust and intelligent network for swift and adaptable hazardous gas detection.

ServeGas addresses the critical need for advanced safety measures in high-risk environments. The sensors, known for their lightweight and user-friendly design, transcend traditional limitations, offering unparalleled mobility and ease of operation. This mobility is of utmost importance in areas of oil & gas rigs where rapid deployment is essential, shortening response times and directly contributing to a reduced time-to-revenue model.

Navigating hazardous settings is now accompanied by a renewed sense of confidence, all thanks to ServeGas’s state-of-the-art technology. The amalgamation of sensitivity, flexibility, and reliability sets a new industry standard, making hazardous gas detection not only highly effective but also streamlined and efficient.

ServeGas empowers projects with the tools to ensure the safety of personnel, the environment, and assets. This groundbreaking technology not only minimizes risks but also maximizes peace of mind. Embrace the future of intelligent gas detection with ServeGas and embark on a safer, more secure journey towards success in high-stakes environments.

  • Reliable Single-beam, IR Technology: Lifetime detection, no calibration needed for accurate and dependable gas sensing.
  • Safe Wireless Communication: Swift 5-second response time, low power operation, secure data transmission for prompt and secure alerts.
  • Truly Wireless. No Cables: Cable-free design, ultra-low 5mW power usage, 24-month average battery life for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Intrinsic Safety Approval: Field-replaceable battery packs ensure safety compliance and quick replacements, minimizing downtime.
  • Up to 60-80% Savings: Wiring-free setup, reduced engineering efforts, streamlined installation, and less documentation lead to significant project cost reductions.

Contact ServeGas for wireless gas-detection technology which enables a quick and flexible intelligent safety network for hazardous gas detection in onshore & offshore rig projects in Doha & Industrial areas of Qatar.

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