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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are advanced digital computers tailored for managing manufacturing processes. Widely known as PLCs, these devices steer all inputs and outputs within a system. The controller collaborates with Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to enhance control and monitoring of manufacturing lines. Acting as the brain, PLCs receive inputs from sensors, switches, HMI user inputs, and other integrated components of the manufacturing line. They then orchestrate outputs to automate the intricate dance of product creation.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are used to remotely control, monitor, and analyze industrial devices and processes. SCADA systems consist of both hardware and software components. The hardware components include sensors, actuators, and communication devices.

Leveraging over a decade of experience, our team excels in PLC programming across diverse industries. We translate our real-world insights and understanding of your business’s manufacturing processes into tailored PLC programs that excel in efficiency and efficacy. Our expertise encompasses various processors, coupled with ongoing support and troubleshooting for your PLCs.

ServeGas boasts extensive mastery in crafting custom Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), HMI programming and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Post the completion of personalized electrical designs, a pivotal phase of the control automation system comes to life – programming. This meticulous process ensures the seamless integration of all components, fostering a harmonious and effective operation.

 PLC, HMI & SCADA Engineering & Programming Services

Our services include the following.

Processor, Communications, and I/O Setup

At ServeGas, we initiate the process by establishing the hardware profile of your system within our programming software. The crucial steps of selecting and configuring the processor, communication modules, and all I/O modules are imperative to ensure the system operates as intended.

Manual Mode Device Programming

We specialize in programming manual control for every output device within the system. We create custom Add-On Instructions (AOIs) tailored to each device type, ensuring seamless and precise control. This approach grants customers a visually coherent experience through HMI graphics and pop-ups. This consistency empowers operators with enhanced flexibility when conducting maintenance or troubleshooting tasks on individual devices.

System Auto Mode Programming and Sequencing

Collaborating closely with you, ServeGas constructs a comprehensive functional description or Sequence of Operations (SOP) for your system. This crucial document, solidified in collaboration with your team prior to commencing auto programming, serves as a definitive means to communicate and verify precisely how your system should react in diverse scenarios.

I/O Mapping and Scaling

With the program encompassing all essential hardware elements, the next step involves implementing scaling for each I/O module. This ensures that every device communicating with the system does so using the correct units. ServeGas conducts in-depth analysis of user manuals for all devices within the system, meticulously representing and harnessing the required inputs and outputs of each device.

Path Selection and Verification Programming

Whether it’s the meticulous routing of Clean-In-Place (CIP) equipment or the intricate path selection for complex variety pack palletizers, ServeGas delivers intuitive path selection programming. This includes a user-friendly interface complete with interlocks and thorough system checks, all meticulously designed to guarantee the accurate placement of your product at its intended destination.

System Alarm and Status Programming

At ServeGas, our approach encompasses comprehensive device alarming for each output device, complete with feedback mechanisms to validate proper functioning. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we meticulously navigate through every process facet, enabling accurate reporting of system status and triggering alarms for events of critical significance to the process. This ensures a robust monitoring system that maintains process integrity.

ServeGas’s PLC, HMI programming and SCADA services will assist your businesses in Qatar optimising your industrial automation  systems, resulting in greater efficiency, production, and profitability.

Together let us empower your industrial progress through our solutions and services

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