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Imagine being the owner of a substation – the idea of a surprise power outage probably gives you sleepless nights. Your customers count on you for their important energy needs, investors are waiting for their money back, and there’s an audit approaching that you’re not ready for.

But here’s the secret: sticking to a routine of regular maintenance can calm those restless thoughts. Think of it as your shield against big problems. When you take care of your substation, you can rest easy.

This kind of maintenance is like giving your substation a checkup. It’s all about making sure everything works like it should. This isn’t just about avoiding problems – it’s about being ready for whatever comes your way.

what does this maintenance involve?

ServeGas takes care of your substation in Qatar but on a bigger scale. It’s about testing, fixing, and sometimes swapping out important parts that keep the power flowing smoothly. Things like maintenance of transformers, motors, and circuit breakers, which form the key things about the sub stations.

But it’s not just about fixing things when they’re broken. It’s about catching issues before they turn into disasters. Imagine having a to-do list for your substation – checking, repairing, and getting things ready for action. It’s like giving your substation a little health boost.

  • General inspection and cleaning of mechanisms (transformers, motors, circuit breakers, batteries, transmission lines etc)
  • Measure equipment condition
  • Check oil and insulation liquid levels.
  • Correct torque settings.
  • Document asset data and record pressure gauges.
  • Test substations power output meter readings and create an inspection certificate.

Benefits of substations maintenance include:

An effective preventative electric utility management software and maintenance script can:

  • Keep accidents at bay by optimizing high transmission voltage.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your valuable assets.
  • Spare yourself from bad headlines by minimizing unexpected shutdowns.
  • Boost the longevity and dependability of your electrical equipment.

Contact ServeGas for maintenance, troubleshooting and testing of your substations in Qatar.

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