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Over the span of three decades or more, a protective relay might only spring into action for a mere fraction of a second. Yet, in those critical moments, it must rise to the occasion with unwavering precision. Sticking to global guidelines for servicing, these relays isn’t just a task – it’s a vital assurance that they stand ready to avert injury or significant disruption in your facility when electrical abnormalities strike.

In the intricate of the electrical grid, protection systems emerge as the unsung guardians, ensuring the entire ecosystem – from generation to transmission and distribution – operates safely and reliably. Among these stalwarts, the protective relay stands as the ultimate guardian, your first line of defines against the spectre of prolonged, expensive outages and potentially catastrophic equipment harm.

 Relay maintenance and testing.

For enduring performance post-installation, periodic maintenance and testing remain imperative for your protection setup. Although microprocessor relays tout built-in self-testing capabilities that detect most faults, they alone fall short of fulfilling regulatory demands and comprehensively addressing the entire protection scheme. Hence, a routine regimen of inspection and testing stands as a recommended practice.

What do we do?

The adept relay technicians at ServeGas are acutely aware of the pivotal role an active protection scheme plays and the profound impact of testing and maintenance on its operation. Our technicians undertake testing guided by global standards, and customized client prerequisites. These tests span a range of relay technologies and may encompass:

  • Visual and mechanical scrutiny
  • Measurements of insulation resistance
  • Secondary injection tests
  • Verification of relay configurations
  • Functional assessment of wire connections, current and voltage transformers, and auxiliary devices
  • Thorough control verification

At ServeGas, our commitment revolves around safeguarding your critical systems, ensuring their seamless operation, and sustaining the integrity of your protection setup. ServeGas provides relay testing and commissioning services to help ensure that protective relays are functioning properly and providing reliable protection for power systems in Doha & industrial locations of Qatar. These services include relay calibration, functional testing, and commissioning, as well as troubleshooting and repair in Qatar.

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