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Oil and gas metering, a pivotal stage within the hydrocarbon supply value chain, marks the transformation of exploration and production (E&P) endeavors into tangible gains for operators, investors, and pertinent stakeholders. This process employs dedicated, high-precision equipment to guarantee precision in hydrocarbon measurement which essential in making the productivity, efficiency enhancement in Doha & Qatar.

What are metering skids?

A metering skid serves as an automated mechanism designed for quantifying crude or natural gas. It encompasses a compilation of measurement instruments harmoniously situated on a robust steel frame. This assembly finds its significance in assessing financial estimations during custody transfer metering procedures. Within these skids, you’ll commonly encounter an array of flow meters to gauge fluid flow, a proving system, and a gas chromatograph for both analysis and measurement of gaseous hydrocarbons.

ServeGas’ Metering skids exhibit remarkable precision in measuring and sampling hydrocarbon liquids, effectively catering to viscosities spanning from 2 to 5000 centistokes.

Beyond these core elements, metering skids may incorporate auxiliary instruments such as Coriolis flow meters, turbine or positive displacement flow meters, densitometers, back pressure and thermal relief valves, air eliminators, prover connections, and PLC control systems. This cluster of components fosters a comprehensive and robust metering ecosystem.

Benefits of having a metering skid projects.

The metering skids find their utility across diverse applications, encompassing:

Pressure Regulation and Metering Stations: Utilized to regulate pressure and quantify substances.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems: Employed for preparing fuel gases to meet specific requirements.

Border Metering Stations: Applied at territorial boundaries for precise measurement.

Offshore Gas and Liquid Metering: Integral for accurate measurements in offshore environments.

CNG Filling Stations: Ensuring accurate filling of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Biomethane Grid Injection Systems: Facilitating the controlled injection of biomethane into grids.

Underground Gas Storage Metering and Control Skids: Essential for monitoring and managing gas storage.

LNG Metering Skids: Used for the accurate measurement of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

These versatile applications underscore the indispensable role metering skids play across a spectrum of industries and contexts.

ServeGas assist in the provision of appropriate metering skid projects for accurately measuring & controlling the flow of fluids such as oil, gas, water, or chemicals in a variety of industrial applications in Doha and other industrial set ups in Qatar.

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