Positive Pressure & Filtered Escape Devices

Emergency life-saving appliances like Positive Pressure and Filtered Escape Devices such as EEBD, Parat 4720, Parat 3100 and Parat 3200 are safe with Serve Gas. A self-contained compressed air apparatus for escape from a contaminated environment, an Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is used for escaping an area with hazardous conditions like fire, smoke, poisonous gases etc. Designed to provide the wearer with the quickest escape possible, Parat 4720 has an integrated ABEK P3 filter that can protect you against several toxic gases, vapours and also particles. Packed in a robust and ergonomic case, Parat 3100 is a half mask escape device equipped with a multi-gas ABEK15 filter. Ratified to the only recognized standard for filtering industrial escape devices (DIN 58647-7), it supplies users with a minimum of 15 minutes of escape time. Compact and easy to carry, Parat 3200 is a mouthpiece/nose clip escape device equipped with a multi-gas ABEK15 filter.